We are looking forward to seeing you at San Diego Career Awareness Conference 2018

Why should you go?

There are many great reasons....


Do you know that there are more than 2000 career pathways in the USPS? San Diego Career Awareness Conference aims to help you discover possibilities and anticipate what is next.


Engagement is the key to find meanings and purpose in what we do. San Diego Career Awareness Conference is an excellent avenue to engage and immerse yourself in the organization's culture.


Life is not just about collecting paychecks, it's about inspiring a change to make the world a better place. Come join us to get inspired and become the change you want to see around.


Your ambitions are great and talents are sharp, but no one ever succeeded in isolation. Join and network with like-minded people who like you, believe and strive for excellence.


You are destined to succeed and achieve your mighty goals, but it's your strong sense of direction which will lead you there. Meet leaders who have swam through the waters you are about to jump in.


The first step in the journey to success is proper planning and setting appropriate goals. Learn to set, manage, measure and achieve your goals.


Engage in the Process


Explore the Possibilities


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