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There are various volunteering opportunities for those who like to lend a hand. If available, you can assist with planning, organizing, and managing this great event on one of many levels. You can lead, join a team, or individually work on special projects to assist with this great event.

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Sign-up to volunteer with the San Diego Career AWARENESS Conference and help us work towards AN even better, more engaged, and compelling workplace.

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Volunteering at the San Diego Career Awareness Conference is the perfect way to grow your network as well as your professional skill set.

Any postal employee who is interested in supporting institutional advancement and personal development can serve as a conference volunteer.

There is a wide array of position. Based on your skills,  interests and availability, you can volunteer for any one or more of the listed positions.

It depends on your degree of involvement which varies from position to position. 

No, at least not in terms of money. However,  you will benefit from working with collaborative smart teams and will acquire skills that will help you to grow within the organization.